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A world-class IT infrastructure needs world-class network and connectivity. Careful evaluation, planning and execution ensure that not only are your enterprise’s business needs met, but it is also future-ready to scale at any point in time. Total IT Global’s Wireless Site Survey helps you achieve all this, and more, through optimisation of the entire wireless ecosystem.


Increase reliability of the network to minimise downtime, and ensure business continuity.

Use seamless wireless connectivity to enhance employee's productivity and fine-tune customer experience.

Leverage predictive technology to create a scalable infrastructure for your enterprise.


Issues like dead spots in the network, security holes, RF interference, data throughput concerns, frequent disconnection are symptomatic of larger problems. Total IT Global’s comprehensive method and approach combined with our technical expertise, identifies the root cause and offers customised solutions to course correct using a multi-pronged approach.

Profile the site for number of devices, type and symptomatic issues.
Use proprietary softwares and tools to conduct the technical survey.
Log issues and causes and provide recommendations to troubleshoot. Propose customised solutions.
Test proposed solution and design through temporary staging.
Implement solutions and recommendations.
Predictive Wireless Site Survey
New Zealand Dairy uses Total IT Global's Expertise in Predictive Wireless Site Surveys to assess its Wireless Infrastructure.
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Predictive Survey

Total IT Global’s technical experts conduct network planning prior to the actual development of a space, by reviewing floor plans and the physical environment, together with capacity requirements and wireless standards. Typically, enterprises use Predictive Survey, remotely, before they move to the new space. This helps to maximise productivity and efficiency for the business. Using proprietary software and SOPs, our technical experts predict how the wireless signals would propagate through the available space. Based on identification of potential interferences and overlaps and coverage-dead zones, the suitable Access Points (AP) are recommended for optimum performance.

Passive Survey

While Predictive Surveys are conducted remotely, Passive Surveys are conducted physically, onsite, and only once the space is built. Here, technical experts from Total IT Global collect data for the radio frequency readings for both, the interior and the exterior of the building, to ascertain all possible physical factors that could impact network performance. Sometimes specific channels and networks, especially those used by other enterprises in the vicinity, are scanned for signal strength, noise levels, etc. This data is used to determine the Access Points (AP) and recommendations are made accordingly, during pre-deployment. Again, this type of survey too can be followed by a design validation exercise to corroborate the plan.

Once a Predictive Survey is completed and Access Points (AP) identified, a design is proposed and validated. Temporarily staged APs at deployment height will help identify the Radio Frequency (RF) signal propagation readings, before a full site deployment.
These readings help corroborate the proposed design, thus reducing the need for costly AP relocation, post-implementation. The design validation process is conducted only if the scope of the work so demands.

Active Survey

The existing wireless network of an enterprise can be audited for wireless network performance. These site surveys provide most accurate reports when conducted during business hours. Engineers conduct a physical site survey using proprietary tools to identify the exact issue(s) plaguing the network, like, signal drops, interferences, data throughput issues and frequent disconnections. This exercise can involve an audit of other regular maintenance actions, too.  The issues are identified and solutions are recommended. Your enterprise can use this type of survey to understand scalability when planning for growth, thus providing a great experience to your customers and employees.

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