It was great working with Total IT Global as the engineer was professional and experienced in his work.

Thanks a ton for resolving this escalation. Not to miss, your 4 Engineers - thank you for your support, as well as for managing to attend my calls as and when possible during your busy schedule. Greatly appreciate the teamwork from Total IT Global.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for your Engineer. He has been outstanding in this exercise over the weekend. His dedication to the job is immaculate and commendable. Spent long hours to bring up the site with remote support. I am pleased to see his rapid growth in this profile. Do convey my thanks.

Just thought I'd send you a note saying how incredibly, responsive, professional & thorough your Engineer is, constantly working to rectify some recent/recurring IT challenges. I very much appreciate his attention and hard work.

We would like to extend our appreciation for implementing the idea of sending Engineer appointment details to the end users. We value this initiative and encourage you to maintain the same process.

I am extremely grateful to your Engineer for his invaluable support on various ICT topics and issues. His dedication to service, politeness, and promptness in resolving my problems and equipping me with new tools/devices have been exceptional. His technical expertise has proven indispensable, and recommend his unwavering determination, particularly when repairing my broken PC instead of offering a replacement. Working alongside him has been an absolute pleasure, and I consider myself fortunate to have him as a colleague.

We are delighted with the smooth installation process and are happy with the successful outcome. We greatly appreciate the hard work and knowledge of the Engineers with respect to the rack and stack activity in the DCs.

I wanted to give a big thanks to your Engineers for ensuring seamless set-up process. Total IT Global managed to get over 700+ people onboarded without a single issue, and this contributed to the overall success. Thank you, again!

We would like to appreciate your Engineers for their amazing skill sets. All the technicians have the correct knowledge base to work independently, and we would like to make sure we get similar resources for all our other sites too, soon.

We wanted to send an appreciation note for your Engineer. He was very patient and supportive during the entire process, and made sure he kept the communication channels open.

Your engineer is a very helpful and knowledgeable resource and his assistance helped to close the project on time.

I was returning to work after being sick for some time. On joining I realised there was a problem with the hardware and software of my system, and I had important meetings coming up. When some of our IT folks couldn’t fix it, your engineer was recommended and he was truly amazing! He immediately identified the problem, calmly took me through all of the necessary steps to fix it and then stayed with me whilst I completed installation, which now works perfectly. I wanted to reach out and say thank you very much. All achieved in less than 45 minutes and in time for my meeting. Thank you! If I could give you a Spot award I would!!

Now that the rollout is complete, a big thanks to everybody involved that helped make it a success, especially the engineers for their hard work on the ground - it’s much appreciated.

I want to appreciate all the work done on the transition. We had great communication, on time and in a proactive manner to resolve issues/concerns. Additionally, your detailed emails and ready availability helped us a lot to move forward with what we needed to accomplish. So thanks for a great work you did as our partner! Happy to work with you and I look forward to working together again.

Thank you so much, you all, for the migration. Without you this would not have been possible and this site was really very big.
Thank you so much for helping us in the Journey of Migrations.

We would like to appreciate your engineers for their dedication towards work. They are always on time and complete all tasks without any follow-up. They have good technical knowledge and are quick learners who can work with minimal supervision and guidance.

Kindly take my appreciation to your team about all the professional support & efforts by your engineers for support in Italy. It was a very tight, busy week for both engineers, even travelling across countries last week, but they were very welcoming and supporting with their kindness. I want to thank you for all the coordination within respective groups and would like to retain these engineers as primary for each site.

We appreciate all of the assistance provided during the transition phase and look forward to another opportunity to connect with you, in the future. Your professionalism is much appreciated at all times, and I hope we have a long-lasting partnership, to continue providing the best support and enhanced user experience to our users.

We would like to share the feedback from our recent visit onsite, wherein everyone vouched for the competency, knowledge, and expertise of Total IT Global technical specialists working on the project currently.

Your engineer has been a support to us in the engagement, right from the start and has built an effective working relationship with all key stakeholders and end users. He is currently involved in multiple activities and is regarded highly for his dedication and attitude.

We would like to recommend the superlative efforts of the Total IT Global team for their excellent project management, considering the challenges with users and locations. However, the team followed on with regular updates, highlighting issues in a timely manner and collaborated to deliver a customer-centric approach. They are strong pillars and add great value to your organisation. This project delivery wouldn’t have been successful without their contributions.

Your engineer displayed phenomenal ownership in dealing with local issues, and led by example on numerous occasions. He is good at escalating issues and is regarded well among key stakeholders.

We did have initial challenges, however Total IT Global's engineer has really stepped up and built a strong working relationship with our key customer stakeholder in Germany. He is currently involved in multiple activities and has been performing well.

Thank you so much for your support during the transition phase. I still remember you guys worked late nights to cover all the regions. Extremely proactive and well-coordinated recruitment drives. It was really nice working with you. All the best for your future projects.

Thank you so much for your amazing support so far. All the best for your new assignment. Really appreciate your professionalism and it was lovely working with you. You are a great hard-working asset for your team.

I want to appreciate all the best support and assistance that the Total IT Global team has provided us in the most professional and organised manner. This team is an asset to the company, and we truly appreciate the leadership skills and work abilities. It was a challenging task that was completed successfully with ease with a competent team's support. Kudos to the team. Keep up the good work!

We appreciate all the support provided throughout the project.

We had approached Total IT Global for a specific project on hardware installation. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the project, as it was handled and delivered in a seamless manner. Although the installation was rescheduled few times, the team delivered it with agility. Flexible and attuned to our requirements, the team had complete knowledge of the process, which enabled efficient delivery of the project.

I would like to highlight the good work done by Total IT Global's experts onsite, in Australia. Today is the last day of deployment, followed by another week of hyper care and they have covered almost all the work.

I would like to sincerely thank both of them for all for the hard work, diligence, self-motivation and going the extea mile that made this project a success. A massive thank you to each one of you; it is always a pleasure to work alongside your brilliant team! We are very much optimistic to associate again for another project.

The valuable service delivery by Total IT Global’s team, for getting all profiles lined up in the stipulated timeframe, is highly admirable!

I would like to appreciate your technical specialist for his easy coordination and alignment of resources on time. He managed the quickest of changes that came our way. On ground, the resources made a good contribution to the work at both locations, working overtime whenever required to finish the project in time.

Total IT Global’s engineers are smart and flexible with great attitude, which ensured good User Experience. We are thankful for such extraordinary resources.

I would like to thank your onsite technical specialists for their hard work and exhibiting a positive attitude towards customer delight .

I would like to express my thanks for the timely support of your Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) for Melbourne and Sydney locations. All members did their best and ensured timely support is extended.

We truly appreciate the value of efforts extended by your Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) to our project. We look forward to expanding our business with Total IT Global.

We are all praise for Total IT Global's engineers who understood the assignment and ensured its success with their commitment and efforts. The deployment was well coordinated and the team's on-time availability and drive was the key to the program's success.

Total IT Global team's professionalism and dedication is truly amazing. Here I want to appreciate and highlight the amazing work done by the team in the Deskside support (DSS) services. The endless hours and ability to go the extra mile have resulted in superior performance. While the pending tickets are down to 60 from 176, client escalations have come down drastically, and the numbers have been consistent for the last 4 weeks, displaying the agility and sustainability. Good work, team!

This project with Total IT Global has been one roller-coaster ride. Right from the beginning there was not only a huge backlog, but also many other challenges to be addressed. Ever since Subramanian came onboard as the SDM for Desk side support (DSS) services, everything came under control. His determination to face those challenges and willingness to overcome them was commendable and we hope that he retains this spirit!

It was a wonderful experience working with Total IT Global. We saw how invested your team was in TPC (Third Party Contract) management and the extra effort put in to ensure deliverables are met in time. the presentation on the weekly tracker data each day, along with team's inputs were key in driving vendor contracts. Thus, we could count on the team to treat all tasks with importance, while also recognising the value of prioritising. This has enabled us to uphold our customer service agreements, while ensuring daily operations continue to function uninterrupted. We admire the Lead's adnd the Team's dedication and would like to express thanks for all the support and hardwork and wish them success.

We had approached Total IT Global for a specific project, with challenging timelines, complex criminal record check, and comprehensive onboarding activity. With its sustained efforts, Total IT Global made it possible for most of our sites. Total IT Global’s transition team, especially, Amit did an excellent job of shortlisting experts as per our key requirements and making the onboarding a smooth process with his easy approachability. We are very much optimistic to continue with the same quality of work with the Delivery team as well.

We want to appreciate the excellent work delivery and project management skills of Total IT Global for this project. The team and the Lead, are always on top of all concerns and easily accessible to discuss any issues. They go the extra mile in managing critical imaging issues, that can cause abrupt interruptions in our workflows. Considering the complexity of the project being spread across wide geographies (China, India, Hongkong, US), the coordination with all concerned teams, is seamless. A word of appreciation also for other team member, for her cohesive work approach. Her role in project coordination is commendable.

I would like to appreciate the swift service provided by your Service Delivery Manager. Her prompt addressal of our dispatch requests, made the User Experience seamless. The quality of her service delivery reinforces her commitment to build a long term and sustainable relationship, which is reflected throughout the delivery process. Consistency is the key. Keep up the good work!

We needed to move to a new office in Singapore and I would like to give special recognition to your trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced engineers who performed the solution-oriented process with highest quality, with exceptional turnaround time. Throughout this time, the Total IT Global team was courteous, prompt, professional and solution-oriented.

The way your engineer has been handling users at the Taipei site showed resilience, experience, knowledge and critical thinking. She always walks the extra mile for every task resolution. Great work! Customer echoes this and we feel that she is among the best we have onboarded recently.

We utilised Total IT Global’s IT asset disposition services and were really happy with the end-to-end management of the project by their team. They have been a trusted partner for us on this project and we value their technical expertise. The team ensured safe and secure hardware disposal, with utmost confidentiality for our company’s data and information, and I would highly recommend their services.

We would like to appreciate the way your engineers and SDMs have handled our requirement and helped us meet the ETAs against ‘changes’ & ‘break-fix’ incidents, specifically in the Asian and Australian market. Their efforts of demonstrating ownership is well appreciated.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Total IT Global for its outstanding support, much before the turnaround time (TAT). This is not the first time. In the past too, your engineer has successfully resolved a parts issue, inspite of offsite location. Once again, thanks for your optimistic work attitude.

This is an appreciation for your engineer's responsiveness and commitment! Despite the complexity of the project, he stayed with us on the entire CE+ journey, tirelessly achieving the goal of fixing 700+ machines, in 3 months, all the while managing onsite and remote support fixes too. Please keep up the good work. Special note of thanks to other team members, their commitment inspired us regardless of the challenges experienced in mobilizing the resources, at a very short notice. Working out of office hours and weekends to ensure everything goes smooth, really appreciate the training. Great team, you all are an asset to the organizations and thank you, for the support provided on this.

We are extremely happy to have Total IT Global support all our IT service needs. Your engineer did a tremendous job in coordinating with offshore teams, especially as a backfill, on time and even managed the site pretty well.