Total IT Global

SD-LAN Implementation, a pre-migration activity done for a Multinational, Technology & Electronics Conglomerate


SD-LAN implementation (Pre-migration activity)

No. of Sites


No. of Devices

200+ network devices

About the Client

Multinational, technology and electronics conglomerate.


  • Limited resources, technical complexities, lack of documentation and knowledge transfer was a challenge for the Client.
  • The project experienced changes in requirements midway through the task, such as requests to change labels and laptops. Such changes can disrupt workflow, require additional time and resources, and potentially cause delays in completing the original scope of work.
  • The stringent timelines put significant pressure to deliver the requirements promptly.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Addressing these challenges required proactive communication, effective project management, suitable training and support, and flexibility in accommodating changing requirements to mitigate their impact on Users.
  • The Engineers went the extra mile to meet the project’s tight deadline. Their commitment reflected in the time and effort they put in, to ensure timely completion of the job at hand.
  • In the absence of knowledgeable administrative support, the Engineers took on additional responsibilities, including packing, unpacking, and lifting devices.
  • The Engineers successfully handled the complex task of iOS configuration and labelling for over 200 devices. Overall, Total IT Global’s responsiveness and agility ensured timely delivery of complex Client requirements, on-budget and in-time.