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Total IT Global’s Focus on Comprehensive Surveys, Round-the-Clock Support, and Continuous Improvement for Project Success


Dedicated, Dispatch Support and Scheduled Visits

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About the Client

American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation.


  • To meet the requirements of conducting wireless site surveys on 42 business critical sites, including manufacturing and VIP user sites, within short timelines and round-the-clock support.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Dedicated teams were assigned to conduct pre and post-surveys efficiently, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate data collection for wireless network planning and optimisation.
  • In order to provide round-the-clock service support on short timelines, Total IT Global established a dedicated team to handle service requests and incidents. This team worked in shifts to ensure continuous coverage and quick response times, allowing for prompt resolution of issues and minimising downtime.
  • A monthly continuous improvement plan by analysing ticket data and identifying areas for enhancement. This plan included suggestions to the client regarding potential changes to the support model, if required, based on the analysis of the data. This proactive approach helped optimise support processes and enhance overall service quality and client success.