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SecureBox Procurement, Delivery & Installation for Dubai-based Conglomerate


Procurement, Delivery and Installation of 2 SecureBoxes

No. of Sites



Dubai, UAE

About the Client

A large automotive to real estate and retail conglomerate.


  • Client’s needs were non-standard with respect to hardware required, in this case, SecureBox.
  • Reliance on a third-party provider for the shipment of equipment, introduced another level of dependency, in an already complicated requirement. Add to it, lack of visibility in tracking it.
  • Delays in site and customer readiness to install and configure the lockers would hinder implementation of the Xperian range of solutions.
  • Complexities in third-party maintenance processes at Client’s end, could cause inefficiencies.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Total IT Global collaborated with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to propose a tailored solution that met the unique requirements of the Client.
  • Established a daily communication protocol with both the OEM, and the shipment company to track the exact location of the hardware in real-time. Ensured timely and transparent communication with the client regarding its status so as to make adequate and necessary arrangements to receive the lockers without any delays.
  • Total IT Global expedited the import clearance process, ensuring swift customs procedures. The hardware was delivered to the client’s premises within a week from the shipment date, minimising any potential delays or disruption to business.
  • To facilitate the smooth operation of the lockers, Total IT Global arranged a comprehensive training session for the Users and operators. This enabled them to understand and utilise the locker system most effectively, ensuring an exceptional User experience.