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Smart Network Hand Support for data centre in the APAC region while managing 280 sites solely in Japan


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About the Client

American multinational corporation produces medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products for children.


  • Not only was the 4-hour onsite response SLA restrictive, it would have been challenging to source Engineers within a 60 km radius of the site locations, as per requirement.
  • There was a need for Smart Network hand support for data centre equipment, and it was expected that resources would carry their own peripherals and report on remote locations.
  • The optimisation of resources and sites posed a challenge due to the presence of over 280 sites solely in Japan. Additionally, all sites in Japan required resources to possess proficiency in the local language.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Engineers were trained to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that were prepared in collaboration with the client. This ensured that the resources adhered to Smart Hands & Feet support best practices and were equipped with the required peripherals to provide effective assistance.
  • A hub and spoke model was adopted to optimise costs and generate savings. Common resources were utilised to handle multiple sites, thereby streamlining operations and reducing redundancies.
  • Total IT Global was successful in sourcing Engineers with local language proficiency, ensuring effective troubleshooting for any language-specific challenges.
  • The support services provided comprehensive coverage across all 350+ locations across the entire APAC region. This ensured that network devices received consistent, and uninterrupted support from the Engineers, who followed the SOPs diligently.