Overcoming Challenges in Compliance, Resource Deployment, and Continuous Infrastructure Support at Remote Manufacturing Sites


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About the Client

Producer of industrial minerals & worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals.


  • Ensuring compliance with all health and safety regulations required significant effort, resources, and expertise to meet the necessary standards.
  • Finding proficient Engineers, fluent in local language for the main manufacturing sites, was a challenge, due to the remoteness of a few sites.
  • Being a chemical manufacturing organisation, round-the-clock infrastructure support was necessary due to the unique production requirements. The need for continuous support, especially during peak production timings, posed challenges in terms of resource allocation and ensuring the availability of Field Service Operations (FSO) support when most needed.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Addressing these challenges required robust compliance and health & safety protocols, targeted recruitment strategies for remote manufacturing sites, sourcing Engineers with local language fluency, developing efficient shift schedules for out-of-business-hours support, and ensuring the availability of 24×7 infrastructure support and FSO assistance during peak production periods.
  • We sourced and deployed Engineers who had prior experience working in similar facilities, who were already familiar with the necessary compliances, which facilitated the smooth execution of the project.
  • Deploying Engineers from nearby locations to the main sites allowed for full-day visits to sites instead of relying on dispatch support. Having Engineers in close proximity, ensured fast response times and increased on-site availability, enhancing overall support efficiency.
  • Our FTEs were dedicated to providing continuous infrastructure support, ensuring smooth operations during critical production phases, and achieving client success.