Total IT Global

Total IT Global’s Agile Solutions ensure Timely Support and Scalability for High-Priority SLAs


Dedicated and Dispatch Support

No. of Sites

84 sites for Dispatch and 2 for FTEs

No. of Countries


About the Client

A global, British company offering integrated marketing solutions.


  • Client was unable to fulfill VIP support and turnkey projects, if and when they arose unexpectedly, creating challenges in delivering timely and efficient services to these high-priority individuals and projects.
  • New resource deployment process was rife with delays caused by site access clearance requirements and strict background verification procedures, resulting in challenges in scaling up the workforce promptly to meet the demands of various projects and tasks.
  • The incumbent capacity was not sufficient to manage PC software refresh and machine build-up effectively, putting a strain on timelines.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Inadequate support for VIPs and turnkey projects was addressed by deploying higher skillset resources on short notice, to handle Mac requirements, leading to swift resolution of issues remotely, and enhanced User Experience for VIPs.
  • To overcome the challenges of resource deployment to other cities for high-priority SLAs, we mobilized our existing FTEs to travel between cities. This approach enabled agile resource deployment, and one that was familiar with the environment and the concerned technical/network teams.
  • To address the constraints of PC software refresh and machine build-up for numerous devices, we provided support for re-imaging and new machine build-up over weekends. This quick turnaround allowed our customers to benefit from enhanced work efficiency and cost-effectiveness without disrupting ongoing activities, onsite.