How implementing Strategic Partnerships & Proactive Solutions led to project efficiency and cost savings


Dedicated, Dispatch Support and Scheduled Visits

No. of Sites

20 sites

No. of Countries

11 countries in APAC and EMEA region

About the Client

Top trade and consumer event management firm headquartered in United Kingdom.


  • Acquiring resources in countries with a scarcity of skilled workers (e.g., South Africa) and high unemployment rate countries (e.g., Italy).
  • Addressing the need for ad-hoc event support and managing recurring scheduled visits.
  • Developing a month-on-month continuous improvement plan by analysing ticket data and recommending adjustments to the support model when necessary.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Partnered with local vendors in challenging countries to ease the search for skilled resources. This allowed for a reliable, and predictable supply of talent.
  • Implemented a revamped vendor setup in the middle of the project to ensure the quality of services is maintained and meets the project’s requirements.
  • Created a feedback loop that helped client save costs by analysing data and updating the support model whenever necessary. This proactive approach ensured efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Ran and successfully maintained the project for three years and received consistent positive feedback for the services provided.