How a custom Training Program and Data-driven insights led to Seamless Project Management & Cost Optimisation


Dedicated, Dispatch Support and Scheduled Visits

No. of Sites

22+ sites across 2 continents

No. of users

1000+ Users

About the Client

A leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, turbines and other heavy industrial equipment.


  • Enhanced Background Verification (BGV) checks including criminal check per address, Financial check (FSA) and Drug screening (10-panel) for all the sites and deployment had to be completed in 4 weeks.
  • Monthly training to the resources related to safety measures was to be conducted, as most sites were construction sites. Simultaneously, newly joined resources were to be trained on safety compliances.
  • A ‘continuous improvement plan’ was to be created based on learning and experience.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Leveraging the relationship with Background Verification (BGV) partners, Total IT Global successfully met the timelines for conducting enhanced background verification checks. This ensured that only qualified and trustworthy resources were deployed to support the sites within the specified timelines.
  • Site-specific training was provided to all resources to ensure they were well-prepared for their respective assignments. Additionally, Total IT Global conducted its own assessment tests to ensure the resources had a thorough understanding of the site-specific requirements.
  • Regular, monthly reports were shared with the client, highlighting areas of improvement. These reports included suggestions such as scheduling visits for sites with high ticket volumes and converting sites to dispatch where ticket volumes were low. These recommendations helped the client strategise effectively and optimise costs and efficiencies based on the specific needs of each site.