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A leading, global provider of insurance, reinsurance and risk solutions.


  • Requirement of high-quality resources capable of supporting electronic office equipment such as projectors, interactive whiteboard, etc. The interview process itself was quite lengthy, as it involved assessing the candidates’ technical expertise, communication skills, and ability to meet the specified requirements within the stringent timelines.
  • Supporting spoke sites (based on hub and spoke model) and managing the logistics of the devices to the hub site as and when required.
  • Resource retention was the key SLA to avoid information leakage during knowledge transfer and training programs.

Solution & Visible Results

  • To maintain quality during the transition period within the stringent timelines, we deployed OEM-certified resources, who possessed the necessary certifications and expertise to handle the equipment effectively. After the transition period, Total IT Global replaced these ad-hoc resources with the same skill set resources, ensuring continuity and quality throughout the long contract period.
  • Total IT Global leveraged its enterprise third-party logistics network to support the devices whenever required, thus optimising logistics and leveraging economies of scale to save costs.
  • Timely appraisals were conducted to recognise and reward the performance of Engineers to prioritise their professional growth and development. Training programs for skill development were conducted to enhance their expertise, and relevant certifications were sponsored by the company to ensure they had the necessary qualifications. These initiatives improved resource competence and contributed to their professional growth.