Total IT Global

Successfully deployed resources with all workforce regulations intact with the AUG license


Full Time Engineers (FTEs) for Dispatch Support

No. of Sites


No. of Countries

1 (Germany)

About the Client

German automotive giant with a global footprint.


  • The Covid-19 pandemic caused a shake-up that made regular business activities challenging.
  • The German automotive giant with huge manufacturing and R&D centres globally, required multiple Full Time Engineers (FTEs) at each location, with strict adherence to protocols, including non-subcontracting expectations.
  • The nature of business that the Client was engaged in, required the Engineers to be trained on certain procedures, while local Labour laws had to be taken into consideration to support the dispatch locations before the go live date.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Team regrouped to make sure that all requisite virtual connections were in place to ensure a smooth flow of information and updates during the pandemic.
  • We were able to shortlist and deploy resources within a short span, meeting our commitment of 1.5 months, with all the complexities of specific profiles, intact.
  • Total IT Global team devised a comprehensive training plan, along with relevant SOPs for the new resources, so they were ready to perform according to Client’s process, from day one.
  • During the transition, Total IT Global was also able to retain few of the incumbent engineers to ensure knowledge preservation at critical sites.
  • Total IT Global’s AUG license was the key in ensuring to local Labour laws and support the dispatch locations for the Client.