Total IT Global

Total IT Global successfully audited inventory of 70 racks, and more than 1500 devices for a British, Multinational Energy and Utility Company


Data Centre Audit and Reporting

No. of Sites

4 sites in UK and USA

No. of Devices Audited

1500+ Devices and 70 Racks

About the Client

British Multinational Energy and Utility Company.


  • Completion of physical audit of Data Centre for optimal functioning, amid high-level security arrangements.
  • Execution of project along with detailed listing of physical assets amidst harsh, cold temperatures.
  • Checks and analysis of more than 70 racks and 1500 devices, within stipulated time.
  • Capacity utilisation without affecting the operations as no down time was possible for the operations.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Prior to the physical inspection, the team validated the inventory list. Taking a structured approach, a comprehensive audit was conducted with components of cable audit, documenting rack, device make, model, serial number, and perfect sequence and U position audit within the racks, under strict governance and safety protocols on site.
  • Extensive assessment and detailing was accomplished with respect to physical security, thermal characteristics, humidity, power, cooling, active/inactive equipments, alarms, to name a few.
  • Total IT Global’s vast experience and attention to detail in every aspect, ensured proper handling of all the equipment and components, during working hours.
  • Total IT Global identified gaps and areas of improvement in the Data Centre for an inventory of 70 racks and more than 1500 devices, dedicating one business day for each site, delivering the project in targeted timelines.