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Customised Automated Visit Model made the business future-ready for cloud-based provider of human capital and business solutions


Dispatch and Dedicated Support

No. of Sites

22, across 17 Countries

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About the Client

Leading, Cloud-Based Provider of Integrated Human Capital and Business Solutions.


  • Sourcing and deployment of experienced resources for remote sites, under challenging timelines.
  • To ensure Knowledge Retention on critical sites.
  • Country-based Background Verification (BGV) (criminal records, police clearance etc) for all resources, including remote sites, under stringent timelines, to ensure onsite access.
  • Quick and round-the-clock service support for VIP users at critical sites.
  • Challenge of asset refreshment for new joiners.

Solution & Visible Results

  • Automated Visit Model was proposed and implemented, customised to each site, based on ticket size, criticality and nature of the requirements. This reduced redundancies and made all sites, including remote sites, future-ready for business continuity.
  • Undertook incumbent hiring and deployed BGV cleared resources as per the requirements within 4 weeks, adhering to local Labour laws and regulatory compliances, for efficient knowledge transfer and seamless transition.
  • Implemented Knowledge Retention strategy to train other resources at client side, through incumbents, thus preventing knowledge loss and facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Aligned roster-based resources, specifically for VIP users, to elevate User Experience, leading to enhanced workplace productivity.
  • Implemented Xperian SecureBox solution at a critical US site, to securely store IT devices and peripherals and dispense them on demand. This resulted in cost optimisation and increased workplace efficiency by providing instant availability of SKUs, in-sync with IT support.
  • The project went live within a record time of 4 weeks and received multiple appreciations for the exceptional transition.