Total IT Global

Extensive scope that covered 4000+ devices, at 201 sites, in 8 countries brought in cost efficiencies for a Swiss food and beverage MNC


Dedicated, Scheduled Visit and Dispatch Support

No. of Sites

201, in 8 Countries (APAC, EMEA, USA)

No. of Devices


About the Client

Swiss Multinational Food and Beverage Company.


  • The project needed a quick execution under testing timelines, 24/7 support and enhanced Background Verification (BGV) clearance.
  • A robust employment rate in Germany meant challenges in recruiting Service Desk (SD) resources, with short lead time.
  • Extensive scope of work that involved covering 56 APAC sites in a week, including 7 remote sites, and 43 dispatch locations (primary, secondary and tertiary), inclusive of completion of background verification.

Solution & Visible Results

  • The project was executed in phases. To save time, resources were hired from neighbouring countries to provide round-the-clock service support through Service Desk. This only not addressed the 24/7 service support concern, but also brought in cost efficiencies.
  • Implemented incumbent hiring for more than 50% remote sites, for effective implementation of the project while to save time and knowledge transfer costs, and to achieve go-live timelines and Background Verification (BGV) clearance.
  • EMEA resources were deployed within four days and project kick-started fifth day onwards on the 24/7 service model.
  • Compliance with local regulations such as Haken license for Japan and direct pay-roll setup, boosted trust and transparency.