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About the Client
Leading, global apparel and accessories company


  • Risk of supply chain disruptions, as was experienced during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Unavailability of safe and secure inventory storage space for IT assets received on ad hoc basis
  • Greenfield office setup aligning multiple tracks simultaneously to make server room and office ready as per planned date
  • Limited in-house knowledge to customise user profiles on end user devices with 100+ applications and individual login creation for each user
  • Recruitment of bi-lingual resources, and limitation of flexibility and scalability to enhance customer experience

Solution Offered

  • Centralised IT asset storage and shipment facilities in 11 locations, across 5 countries, by setting up warehouses
  • Devised a comprehensive security plan focused on surveillance and safety of client’s IT assets, with biometric entry, CCTV, and fire protection
  • Created a safe and secure environment for staging facility, with thorough health and quality checks, prior to any shipment and set-up stringent processes for easy, but vigilant movement of IT assets synchronised by weekly inventory reports, intuitive dashboards and SKU monitoring for devices stocked at each storage facility
  • Deployed experienced bi-lingual and local resources to implement a robust and planned device customisation plan for each user profile and network setup in offices

Visible Results

  • Availability of adequate infrastructure space for ad hoc /short-term, or partial storage needs. Smooth deployment of IT assets resulted in optimised operations and enhanced RoI
  • Accurate planning, communication and reporting resulted in better IT asset handling and management providing a seamless User Experience
  • Accurate inventory and 100% SLA compliance enhanced customer experience and resulted in increased productivity and personal accomplishment
  • On Demand dispatch hands and feet support provided a cost-effective approach for delivering responsive expert support including Hyper- Care support