Total IT Global

IT Managed Services

We offer comprehensive and cost effective IT Managed Services leveraging robust automation and multi platform expertise of our technical specialists spread across the globe

Third Party Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance support contracts for Data Centre Equipment, OEM’s are often considered the only choice.

In the current day and age, the rapidly evolving business requirements of high growth organizations not only demand high certainty and reliability, but also maximum value per dollar spent. However, with OEM support contracts, apart from exorbitant costs, rigidity and lack of flexibility can be a major downside. In addition, managing multiple OEMs for different brands of equipment can be a governance nightmare especially with different SLAs across multiple countries.

Total IT Global provides its customers with the convenience of having ONE service provider, to simplify their IT support across multiple platforms and OEMs. As a pure vendor agnostic Global IT Solution Provider, we streamline multiple contracts and SLA’s into ONE, and work closely with our customers to reduce their IT spend substantially (Upto 40%) via a cost-effective third-party maintenance model. 

Through our highly integrated global supply chain network and inhouse level 3/4 expertise across most platforms, we are committed towards ensuring the delivery of high quality post warranty mission critical support.