IT Asset Disposition

Retiring unused or obsolete assets is an inevitable phase of the IT asset lifecycle

Often when a customer is faced with this decision, they are unaware of the remainder value of the asset and it ends up as e-waste. 

As a result, about 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated annually i.e equivalent to throwing 800 laptops every second thus constituting 70% of earth’s overall toxic waste*

*Source: 11 Facts about E-Waste, 2019

In the present climate, stringent requirements mandated by global regulatory bodies such as US DoD and NIST warrants large enterprises to abide by international directives something or face the high risk of significant legal liabilities for compliance failure.

Total IT Global’s IT Asset Disposition Service benefits its customers by providing

For maximum re-use of ally materials​

As per International Standards & Certifications

Through asset buybacks

How We Do It

Total IT Global offers end to end management of the entire IT Asset Disposition cycle starting
from asset decommissioning, collection, transportation, secure data disposal and the reuse of raw material following comprehensive quality control and testing procedures.

Our IT Asset Disposition Process

Benefits of choosing Total IT Global

SPOC for IT Asset Lifecycle Services across Multiple Countries

End to end execution of the entire hardware disposal process under one roof

Global Disposal Service Coverage

Compliance with Global Regulatory Bodies i.e. NIST, DOD, etc

Value ($$) Generation for Unused Hardware

Ecologically Responsible Destruction Processes

Our Services

Certified Data Wiping and Destruction

According to one of recent reports, the average cost of a Data Breach to a business can be as high as US