IT Asset Disposal


IT Asset Disposal

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UK based multi-national sandwich retailer & coffee shop

Challenges :

•    Inventory tracking was becoming difficult due to EOL asset pile-up.

•    Permit requirement for Airport and VIP shops for asset collection.

•    The number of IT assets to be disposed was very high and involved multiple locations, globally.

•    Lack of knowledge with respect to packaging and transport of EOL IT assets.

•    Safe and secure removal of sensitive data was an issue.

Solution Offered :

•    A complete inventory of the EOL assets requiring to be
      disposed was drawn up.

•    Milk-run concept was followed to drive efficiency and cost

•    Regular co-ordination with store managers ensured that
      the devices are picked timely.

•    Appropriate packaging and collection procedures
      ensured to handle the IT assets.

woman barista coffee shop preparing coffee

Visible Results :

•    Carefully planned logistics ensured successful collection and disposal as per schedule, leading to cost optimisation.

•    Assets were disposed in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

•    Best-in-class tools & processes employed for certified disposal.

•    This exercise carried out in compliance with all regulations helped the client meet their ESG goals with fully streamlined
      inventory management.