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IT Asset Disposition

Secure data wiping and asset disposal as per globally recognized standards & maximizing the financial returns on your IT infrastructure investments

Asset Buyback

IT infrastructure investments generally constitute a huge chunk of an organization’s IT budget.

In keeping up with the complex requirements of technological advancements that constantly evolve, most IT decision makers struggle to keep the balance between optimizing the utilization of IT assets  and keeping the CAPEX within the fiscal budget. With large organizations, the mandatory requirements for a periodical technology refresh more often than not leads to obsolesce of fully functioning IT systems which eventually ends as e-waste.

With the aim to maximize the dollar value of your IT investments, Total IT Global offers its customers a comprehensive buyback model that instantly adds credit to their IT budget. By unlocking the residual value of the IT assets that no longer adhere to company’s policies or have reached end of life, we offer justifiable valuation & upfront buyback credits thereby enabling your organization to continue having a competitive edge in line with industry’s best practices. 

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In that, we also strive to actively participate in the circular economy and contribute towards a sustainable environment.

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