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London, 21st June, 2023

Launches IoT (Internet of Things) Deployment Service

Leading, integrated IT solutions provider, Total IT Global has announced the launch of its newest service, IoT (Internet of Things) Deployment that will power the adoption of IoT by enterprises.

Total IT Global’s new service aims to make IoT adoption easier, to make workplaces smarter, and more efficient for enterprises. This new service provides flexible and unified, global deployment services for IoT implementation.

IoT has emerged as a key technology in recent times, on the landscape of digital transformation for enterprises. While the potential economic value of IoT is considerable, it is coupled with challenges, such as deployment, that can stand in the way of its adoption.

“Our strategy to develop new, enduring, and innovative solutions continues, and IoT Deployment service is the new force in a connected world. As emerging technologies continue to connect people and devices, digital workplace solutions will drive collaboration and efficiency. Our global presence and expertise will keep us at the forefront of all IoT deployment requirements in the industry, globally.” said Akhil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Total IT Global.

“We continue to launch new services helping our clients to work with Strategic partners like Smartbox etc., thus launching integrated solutions that enable clients to deliver the services to end-customers, quicker.”, added PR Rajesh Kumar, Chief Growth Officer, Total IT Global.

Total IT Global’s presence in 128 countries and service support in more than 29000 locations globally, coupled with flexibility to integrate the IoT Deployment service with its other services, accentuates its uniqueness as a holistic provider of integrated IT solutions. IoT Deployment service from Total IT Global offers a host of features such as site survey service, round-the-clock service support, better operational control via creation of testing environments, dedicated Global Export Desk with Importer/ Exporter-of-Record & Delivered Duty Paid capability, proactive maintenance inspections, to name just a few.


Total IT Global is a leading, integrated IT solutions provider, offering holistic, vendor agnostic, hardware, and managed service solutions for workspaces and data centres, in over 128 countries. Total IT Global helps high growth enterprises navigate their entire IT asset lifecycle, from hardware provisioning, professional services, maintenance support, all the way to disposal and certified data destruction, delivering a unified experience, with a consultative approach. Total IT Global’s award-winning solutions offer enterprises the flexibility and freedom to choose from brands and services, best suited to their business goals and objectives. Thus, for its clients, Total IT Global’s name is synonymous with agility, efficiency and trust. Total IT Global is an equal opportunity employer and the Great Place to Work®, certification, received for the second time in a row, in 2022-23, is a testament to its culture of true meritocracy and superior employee experience.


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